About Time-Team

Time-Team first started under the name of TijdCie and was providing administrative support during rowing regattas, for example publication of results. Nowadays we provide a full service package for regattas; from timekeeping till online publication, broadcast video-graphics and automated social media posts. We have facilitated many national regattas, under which the Royal Holland Beker, the Westelijke Regatta, NSRF, and other. At international level we have gained experience providing services for, amgong others, the European University Rowing Championship at the Bosbaan course in 2010 and the Coupe de la Jeunesse, where our system is used with pleasure. In short, Time-Team is a group of enthusiastic people who love rowing and have knowledge of the things involved. This, combined with our excellent software, makes Time-Team a good basis for a professional rowing competition.

Time-Team is often praised for the excellent software but foremost the employees with a lot of experience and good knowledge of rowing competitions. As a result, the competition organization and the umpires can be assisted in their tasks. With Time-Team, the spectators, those who stay at home and all participants know immediately after the finish know who won the competition.

Our software platform has been developed with a focus on user-friendliness and speed. This allows the draws and results to be published as quickly as possible by means of paper and digital versions. For example, there is a Live Tracker available for every race, where the times are visible immediately, even during the race. This tracker is also available to the people at home. Because technology always evolves, our platform does too. At the Gyas-Hunze 2012 we have used GPS live tracking for boats for the first time and since the side-by-side season of 2012, it is possible to automatically publish your results via Facebook and / or Twitter on your own account.

With the knowledge of our employees and our inhouse developed software, we guarantee a smooth running of the competition regarding the timing and the publication of draws and results. We continuously work on the system for even more user-friendly software, more features and of course compatibility. If you have questions for our team or would like more information about our services, please contact us via info@time-team.nl.