All-in-one Regatta Race management system

Our core product is the Time-Team Regatta Management platform. This system is a web-based application that can be used to administer a full regatta in a single system. Entries can be imported from multiple sources, like your own national entry system. From there a time schedule can be made, a draw can be performed, changes can easily be made and administered while timing can be done by a separate team. Once an umpire approves the results, they are updated in real-time on the regatta information website and appropriate social media messages can be sent out.

Since the system is web-based, multiple people can work together in this system at the same time from different locations. On racing-day, the Regatta Management system is often run on a set of locally present servers which are synchronised with the online server in order to provide maximum redundancy. This way the race is not dependant on the internet connection staying up.

The user can easily generate several reports like competitor lists, draw lists, result and organisation specific forms. All PDF reports are formatted with a regatta logo and use a fixed format to provide for clear interpretation.

The system is setup in such a way that for each of the tasks that are performed during a regatta a helpful interface is provided. In our platform, the front desk can take changes and withdrawals, the regatta manager has an overview, the umpires always have the latest information and the timing crew is provided with additional guidance.

Of course the management system also has several ways of publishing the draw and results to different public media. We have a real-time mobile friendly regatta information website, outputs for beamers or big television screens onsite, automated social media posts and SMS results delivery.

For many years we have been proud partners of many national and international regattas.



Indoor Rowing races

Of course our Regatta Management system also fully supports indoor rowing regattas. Import events and entries, create a race schedule using drag & drop and automatically execute a draw and erg-seating assignment in a double V-shape for example. After approval of the draw several printable reports are available and race start-cards can be printed. With one click of a button the system exports VRA race files for each race, which can be imported in the Concept2 Venue Racing Application to run the race. After the race the result files can easily be imported back into the Regatta Management platform to create a full event results list, which is published online after approval and different PDF result reports that can be printed. Seating changes can be made on the spot by the people at the front desk as well as crew changes. The system works online in the browser on our web-interface which can be accessed on each computer, tablet and even by smartphone.

Our all-in-one race management system has been used during the 2018 European Rowing Indoor Championships, the French Indoor Rowing Championships 2018 and also at the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Indoor Rowing Championship in Boston.

Learn more about our Indoor Rowing management system from our brochure.



“The National Schools’ Regatta used the services of Time-Team in 2018 and we were exceptionally pleased with the service they provided. They readily adapted their system to suit our regatta and quickly and efficiently sorted any problems that occurred during our event – these were mainly due to the fact our regatta is run slightly differently to the ones they are used to.
The publishing of results and race draws was done efficiently and we had many coaches come up and compliment the service provided. We look forward to working with them in the future.” George Hammond Chairman of the National Schools’ Regatta London
“Time-Team constantly amazed me with how expertly they handled our regatta's timing - everything from the execution of the races to the real-time visual displays and online results exceeded our expectations! Ahead of race day, they were responsive and attentive to our needs as we prepared for our regatta, and during the event they quickly handled any unexpected hiccups without being phased. We couldn't have had such a professional event without their help!” Justin de Benedictis-Kessner Board member of the 2018 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints Boston
“The new timing and software system used at the CRASH-Bs this year, by the Dutch company Time Team is epic; the race results gives every rower at the regatta a chart of loads of data of their piece, allowing you to relive virtually every stroke of your race (or not, whew).” Oli Rosenbladt Row2k online magazine